Etymon Alex Hendriksen

Etymon Alex Hendriksen
Alex Hendriksen Sax.
Asen Doykin Piano.
Shanir Ezra Blumenkranz Oud.
Mathias Kunzli Percussion.

Release Date 2014 SPRING


With the band ETYMON the Australian and Dutch saxophonist Alex Hendriksen presents original compositions and arrangements of folk tunes from different countries. He is joined by three musicians from New York which he met during his studies in Boston. The name ETYMON is derived from the Greek word “etumon“ which can be translated as “ the original and true meaning“. In this context the original musical idea is meant and what has been developed out of it. Also the idea of making music with old friends, communicating musically display the meaning of the name of the band. The multicultural background of all the bandmembers is the starting-point of this project and also a mirror of todays society. The result is a mixture of music which is inspired by musical motives from different countries and presented as a kind of jazz-chamber-world music with oriental and arab influences. ETYMON is a group of musicians who look for the dialogue and can share the silence.
Etymon Alex Hendriksen Artwork by Nicole Pfister